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Information sharing for fraud probes allowed by privacy law | is a BIG SCAMM WITH FAKE REGISTRATION. (FXCL) Markets Ltd. is compensated by the spread. Leverage may increase gains or losses.
Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. You should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking for independent advice if necessary.

Registered by the Financial Services Authority (‘FSA’) number 1637 CTD 2018. FXCL Markets Ltd. registered office: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Base information about Forex SCAM company:

Real adress in Philipines and company name is:

Company Name: Outstrive
Address: 3rd Floor 399 Enzo building, Makati, Philippines
Phone: +1 (347) 891-7520

Top managment of stealer who scam money of clients:

Juan Belleza Jr
Team Leader
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines
639776459387 / 639155292409

Lea Jean Belleza
2056 D Kahilum 1 Barangay 870 Zone 95 Pandacan Manila, Philippines

James Tulabot
Team Leader

Allen Roel Costales
Sale Manager
522 Tanglaw St. Mandaluyong City Barnagay Plainview

Kristoff Salazar
Sale Team Leader
Unit 1414 Kumagawa Bldg River City Brgy 880 Sta. Ana Manila, Philippines

Xanty Octavo
Sale Manager
8137 Yabut Street Guadalupe Nuevo Makati City , Philippines

Virgilito Dada
Account Manager

Elton Danao
Sale Manager
639175048891 / 639991854086

All of this persons need be condemned and moved in Jail.

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You should ensure that personal data submitted to us is complete, accurate, true and correct. Failure on your part to do so may result in our inability to provide you with products and services you have requested. This category includes guarantees by the government to pay for any shortfall between amounts received from users of the public service and specified or determinable amounts. A service concession arrangement is an arrangement whereby a government or other public sector body contracts with a private operator to develop , operate and maintain the grantor’s infrastructure assets such as roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, energy distribution networks, prisons or hospitals. In those arrangements, the grantor controls or regulates what services the operator must provide using the assets, to whom, and at what price, and also controls any significant residual interest in the assets at the end of the term of the arrangement. This section requires a cooperative to include in its financial statements the disclosures necessary to draw attention to the possibility that its financial condition and operation have been affected by the existence of related parties and by transactions and outstanding balances with such parties. If a cooperative declares interest on share capital and patronage refund to its members after the end of the reporting period, the cooperative shall recognize those interest on share capital and patronage refund as a liability at the end of the reporting period. A cooperative shall disclose the amount recognized in profit or loss as an expense for defined contribution plans. A cooperative is required to recognize all actuarial gains and losses in the period in which they occur. A cooperative shall recognize all actuarial gains and losses in profit or loss.

Based on preliminary reports, we had an auspicious start in the second half of the year with both the Regions and the LTS on track with the third quarter program. In my first BIR anniversary speech two years ago, I said that fate seemed to have put me here as the birth of this institution coincides with my own birthday. The Electronic Letter of Authority Monitoring System (e-LAMS) generates and monitors the status of cases covered by Letter of Authority, Letter Notices and Tax Verification Notices. The Tax Ruling and Case Management System maintains legal and administrative tax information in a centralized and technical reference system. The system enables faster and easier access to tax rulings, as well as legal and administrative cases. The program suspends the operations and temporarily closes the establishments of businesses which do not comply with essential BIR requirements. As of the end of 2012,“Oplan Kandado”has successfully closed 66 establishments. All complaints and customer concerns can be raised to Komo’s official channels listed below and will be resolved within standard turn-around time per type of complaint.

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The amount of reversals of impairment losses recognized in profit or loss during the period and the line item in the statement of operation in which those impairment losses are reversed. After a reversal of an impairment loss is recognized, the cooperative shall adjust the depreciation charge for the asset in future periods to allocate the asset’s revised carrying amount, less its residual value , on a systematic basis over its remaining useful life. If the estimated recoverable amount of the asset exceeds its carrying amount, the cooperative shall increase the carrying amount to recoverable amount, subject to the limitation described in below. The cooperative may wish to use any recent financial budgets or forecasts to estimate the cash flows, if available. To estimate cash flow projections beyond the period covered by the most recent budgets or forecasts A Cooperative may wish to extrapolate the projections based on the budgets or forecasts using a steady or declining growth rate for subsequent years, unless an increasing rate can be justified. Market interest rates or other market rates of return on investments have increased during the period, and those increases are likely to affect materially the discount rate used in calculating an asset’s value in use and decrease the asset’s fair value less costs to sell. A cooperative shall make a new assessment of selling price less costs to complete and sell at each subsequent reporting date. A cooperative shall measure a provision at the best estimate of the amount required to settle the obligation at the reporting date.

  • Measurement of biological assets held by lessees under finance leases and biological assets provided by lessors under operating leases.
  • The upgrading of office facilities and the accessibility of technology also contribute to a highly motivated BIR employees.
  • Where a covered institution has branches, subsidiaries, affiliates or offices located within and/or outside the Philippines, it shall adopt an institution-wide MLPP that shall be implemented on a consolidated basis.

A cooperative shall present current and non-current assets, and current and non-current liabilities, as separate classifications in its statement of financial condition, except when a presentation based on liquidity provides information that is reliable and more relevant. When that exception applies, all assets and liabilities shall be presented in order of approximate liquidity . The certificate of registration shall be for each head office, branch, agent, sub-agent, extension office or business outlet of foreign exchange dealers, money changers and remittance agents. Private banking/ Wealth management operations – These services, which by their nature involve high measure of client confidentiality, are more open to the elements of reputational risk especially if the customer identification process is not diligently followed. Covered institutions therefore shall endeavor to establish and record the true and full identity of these customers and establish a policy on what standard of due diligence will apply to them. They shall also require approval by a senior officer other than the private banking/wealth management/ similar activity relationship officer or the like for acceptance of customers of private banking, wealth management and similar activities. Customers and the authorized signatory/ies of a corporate or juridical entity who engage in a financial transaction with covered institutions for the first time shall be required to present the original and submit a clear copy of at least one valid photo-bearing ID document issued by an official authority. Along this line, it shall formulate a risk-based and tiered customer acceptance policy, customer retention policy and customer identification process that involves reduced Customer Due Diligence for potentially low risk clients and enhanced CDD for higher risk accounts. Shell Bank – a Shell company incorporated as a bank or made to appear to be incorporated as a bank but has no physical presence and no affiliation with a regulated financial group. Stock market investing does not guarantee returns every time, so investors are best served to familiarize themselves with the risks involved.

Individuals may soon access credit information via banks

Such third parties may include DBP’s business units, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, outsourced service providers and other third parties. The Cooperative Development Authority is a proactive and responsive lead government agency for the promotion of sustained growth and full development of the Philippines cooperatives for them to become broad – based instruments of social justice, equity FOREX SCAM and balanced national progress. Starting in 2016 and thereafter, the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee of the cooperative as well as its external auditor shall ensure that the audited financial statements of the cooperative shall be fully compliant with the standards herein set forth. The cooperative shall measure agricultural produce harvested from its biological assets at cost.

Revenue is income that arises in the course of the ordinary activities of a cooperative and is referred to by a variety of names including sales, service income, commission, interest, dividends, royalties and rent. In determining the existence of an asset, the right of ownership is not essential. Thus, for example, property held on a lease is an asset if the cooperative controls the benefits that are expected to flow from the property. To be relevant, financial information must be able to influence the economic decisions of users. If there is undue delay in the reporting of information it may lose its relevance. Management may need to balance the relative merits of timely reporting and the provision of reliable information. In achieving a balance between relevance and reliability, the overriding consideration is how best to satisfy the needs of users in making economic decisions. To be reliable, the information in financial statements must be complete and within the bounds of materiality and cost. An omission can cause information to be false or misleading and thus unreliable and deficient in terms of its relevance. This Financial Reporting Framework for Cooperatives was developed from the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises .

*Information not comfirmed*

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